Red Ginger & Blood Orange Shampoo

Red Ginger & Blood Orange Shampoo
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Infused with the uplifting aromas of citrus and spice, this lightweight shampoo balances and hydrates the hair and scalp. The all-natural formula cleanses hair without stripping away the natural moisture. Antioxidant-rich ingredients stimulate circulation and strengthen hair follicles for hair that looks shinier and fuller. The botanical blend also balances sebum levels, which helps control dandruff and excess oil.

Key Ingredients:
Horsetail extract gently cleanses and stimulates circulation to reduce dandruff and speed up hair growth. Ginseng prevents cells in the hair follicles from dying, which can reduce hair loss. Red ginger contains gingerol, which relaxes blood vessels and improves circulation for hair follicle nourishment.

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Steven | DKI Jakarta, Indonesia
1 months ago
Enak banget gatau lagi
First timer here - bikin rambutku lembut, baru 2-3 hari pake tapi ketombe sudah berkurang, kalau ditambah sedikit conditioner would be better, dan baunya seger banget (dominan gingernya).