Tea Tree Leaf Essential Oil

Tea Tree Leaf Essential Oil
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Tea Tree Leaf Oil has a refreshing woodsy scent that is known to have a grounding effect. Pure essential oil from tea tree leaves helps to balance and calm skin, while leaving skin lightly fragranced. Use a few drops in a warm bath to calm the mind and promote even skin tone.

Key Ingredients:
Tea tree oil is a natural acne remedy that helps balance sebum levels and may reduce blemishes. It also contains antiseptic properties that are beneficial in treating wounds and infections.

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Johana | Jawa Barat, Indonesia
2 years ago
Healing even the most stubborn acne!
Those who know would understand that period acnes are particularly stubborn! This Tea Tree Leaf Essential Oil is a life-changing encounter! A few drops in warm water for face wash and or a small tab on the pimple heal the pimples just in 2-3 days and leave the skin feeling light and refreshed.