Relaxation Botanical Blend

Relaxation Botanical Blend
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Specially formulated to help ease stress and soothe the body and mind, this sweet-smelling Relaxation Botanical Blend is the perfect antidote for a busy lifestyle. Pure essential oils from marjoram, mandarin and chamomile caress even the most sensitive skin and encourage a sense of relaxation and balance.

Key Ingredients:
Marjoram is said to soothe sore muscles and have a calming effect. Mandarin is often used as a mood booster. Chamomile is great for sensitive skin and can aid in reducing anxiety.

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Rani | Indonesia
1 years ago
Review relaxtation blend
My fav. Put it on diffuser or just some drop into your feet will give u a good sleep..
Siti | West Java, Indonesia
2 years ago
Wanginya segar
Ini salah satu must have item buat dikantor, kalau ada deadline bikin mood turun, cium aroma ini rasanya membuat rileks dan seger. Mampu memberikan semangat tersendiri karena aromanya yang segar.
Antony | Indonesia
2 years ago
Couldn’t Want More
This was my third essential oil from Sensatia, the first one being Seaside Citrus and the second one Eucalyptus. Couldn’t complain, it smelt so nice!
Victor | Indonesia
2 years ago
A classic
Basically Im obsessed with the whole relaxation series from their body butter and their massage oil. And of course nothing beats mixing this blend into your hot baths/diffuser.