Sensatia Botanicals


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Olga | Kharkivska oblast, Ukraine
10 months ago
I love it, like almost all products of this brand.
Very useful on summer period. For cucumber lovers, very light and moisturizing.
Antony | Indonesia
1 years ago
I Like It
It is very hydrating with a very mild but gorgeous smell. Absolutely recommended!
Lisa Marcelia | Indonesia
1 years ago
Toner kecintaan
Bikin kulit semakin lembab dan kenyal.. auto glowing juga habis pakai ini. Wanginya juga bikin seger!
Putu | Indonesia
1 years ago
love this!
seger, dann surprisingly i use this after i do my make up and it helps to make my make up stay longer and not stain in my mask!
Rizka | Indonesia
1 years ago
Pure Freshness in a bottle
This product is so soothing and refreshing and hydrating (comfortably ofc) given the fact that I live in a very humid area. The texture of the mist is just nice, the spraying ability from the bottle is nice but not overwhelming (not gonna overly drench you). A staple item, if you live in Bali like I do