Sensatia Botanicals


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Chenoa | WA, United States
8 months ago
I received this lotion as a gift 6 years ago and I’ve been hooked ever since. I have sensitive skin and can’t just use anything even those brands made for my skin type. I never have problems with this lotion. It’s smooth, it absorbs quickly, it leaves my skin feeling fresh and moisturized and it NEVER gives me rash.
Made | Indonesia
9 months ago
Aromanya menenangkan
Suka aromanya, tapi kurang melembabkan😩
Anindita | Indonesia
1 years ago
My kids also love it
Sesuai namanya, wanginya calming dan lembut. Pelembab ringan untuk sehari hari. Buat yang punya anak atau suami tidak suka pakai body lotion karena lengket, bisa coba ini. Meski ringan tapi sangat melembabkan untuk kulit normal to dry. Untuk yang biasa di ruangan ber AC lebih lembab pakai body butter.
Richie | DKI Jakarta, Indonesia
1 years ago
Another Absolute Favorite
Just like the body wash, been loving this body lotions through many bottles. Love how it is light in texture but still sufficiently moisturizing. Spreads nicely and absorbs really well; leaving the skin smooth with a subtle sheen. Amazing for sensitive skin as it calms down inflammation and itchiness. Adore the beautiful calming scent. Much love!
Maria Antoinette | Indonesia
1 years ago
Texture is thicker than the usual lotion, really moisturizes your skin and smells amazing
If your skin is not extremely dry, this product works wonders. It’s not as thin as the usual commercial body lotion so it gives good moisture to your skin.