Tea Tree & Lemon Facial Hydrate

Tea Tree & Lemon Facial Hydrate
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Designed to balance sebum levels in oily and acne-prone skin, this refreshing oil-based moisturizer promotes a calm, clear complexion. Essential oils of tea tree leaf, peppermint and lemon work together to nourish skin and help combat breakouts. Use just a few drops nightly for smoother, softer skin.

Key Ingredients:
Tea tree oil is a natural remedy for acne and is known to have healing properties. Peppermint oil has a cooling, nourishing effect. Lemon oil may help improve skin tone and texture.

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Intan | Indonesia
2 years ago
It smells so gooddd
First of all, I really love the smell of this facial hydrate. The texture is oily and very hydrating. However, for those who doesn't like oil based skincare, it might be uncomfortable for them. I love it oily because it keeps my skin hydrated. Moreover, the packaging is so elegant and easy to bring for travel because the size isn't so big.
Kevin | EAST JAVA, Indonesia
2 years ago
Great for acne
I adore the scent here, and like their other facial oils, it isn't sticky and doesn't leave too much residue. Does help quite a bit with acne problems.
Aufa | Banten, Indonesia
2 years ago
Holy grail face oil
Produk pertama yg kubeli dari Sensatia & bener-bener cocok sampe udah repurchase kesekian kalinya! Dua tetes cukup untuk seluruh muka-leher & enaknya dia cepet nyerep di kulitku. Jujur efek pemakaiannya memang butuh beberapa waktu, tapi hasilnya keliatan banget sih muka lebih cerah, lembab & beberapa spots jerawat hilang. Fix akan terus repurchase!
Ita Purnama | Indonesia
2 years ago
It does its job, while i sleep.
Pakai ini hanya di malam hari karena teksturnya yg berupa oil. Tapi walapun oil dia sangat cepat menyerap dan tidak meninggalkan kesan lengket. Pakai skincare pagi jadi lebih menyenangkan karena kulit wajah terasa lembab dan kenyal. It does its job even when i sleep. Good job sensatia.
Shanti | Indonesia
2 years ago
Since i used this oil, i’ve never stop then. This product make your face hydrated the next day when you wake up. Use this oil at night when you go to sleep. Then it gonna work out all the good things on your face. The next morning, you’ll felt how this oil works to moist your skin. It can bring up your mood of the day.