Calming Chamomile Facial Toner

Calming Chamomile Facial Toner
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Gentle enough for sensitive skin, this soothing, alcohol-free toner contains active botanicals of chamomile and green tea to help balance pH levels. Aloe vera adds a cooling element and helps reduce inflammation. Apply after cleansing to prep for hydration or use as a facial mist when you need a quick refresher.

Key Ingredients:
Aloe vera extract contains phytonutrients that can reduce inflammation and assist with healing. Chamomile helps calm and clarify skin. Green tea contains powerful antioxidants that help fight radical scavenging.

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Hervidha Fara Adhy | DI YOGYAKARTA, Indonesia
3 days ago
Strong scentnya
Toner yg watery spot Varian lainnya, kurang suka dg scent si calming chamomile berharap lebih ke aroma2 yg relaxation tyt cukup strong, tapi cepet hilang siy aromanya. Utk efek lebih ke melembabkan
Bernadetha | Indonesia
1 years ago
Love this product
It's refreshing & really calming. I don't really much into skin care but I set my mind of using this product.
Alexis | United States
1 years ago
Feels great on skin, essential part of my routine
I’m really happy with this toner. It feels great on the skin, there is no irritation and if anything feels calming. Scent is pretty yet mild. I use this after my Cleanser but before my C-Serum and Hydrate. This is a great toner for all skin types, especially for sensitive skin.
Ananta | Indonesia
2 years ago
Best Toner Ever
Suka banget sama toner Sensatia karena bisa bantu untuk kulit aku yang gampang sensitif ini. Apalagi kalau kering, ini penyelamat banget sih.
Ade Putri | Indonesia
2 years ago
My Holy Grail Toner
Sebelumnya pakai varian Cleopatra,wanginya segar. Kalau ini wanginya soft. Toner ini ringan,dingin,nyaman,gak neko-neko,cepat menyerap.Teksturnya air, aroma herbal alami ala sensatia, calming banget apalagi untuk redness. Melembabkan kulit (bantu ph balance dikulit muka aku). I also really love its unscented formula, very suitable for sensitive skin.