Tea Tree & Lemon Facial Mask

Tea Tree & Lemon Facial Mask
4.9  |  10 REVIEWS

Tackle breakouts with this soothing yet moisturizing mask that helps draw out impurities, removes excess oil and reduces inflammation. The combination of nutrient-rich kaolin clay and charcoal has a purifying effect, while botanical extracts of tea tree leaf, lemon and starfruit calm and clarify skin.

Key Ingredients:
Charcoal helps remove impurities and dead skin cells. Kaolin clay is rich in minerals that help purify skin. Tea tree oil is a natural remedy for acne that has antibacterial properties.

USD 12.00


Intan | Indonesia
2 years ago
Favorite of all masks
The first time I try this mask, I immediately fall in love with the result. Even It contains charcoal, the texture is so gentle. The smell is calming and it helps me to reduce my acne.
Putu | Indonesia
2 years ago
Best Mask. 💗
Bantu banget buat lebih cepet matengin jerawat, bikin seger setelah pake
Rizka | Indonesia
2 years ago
Clogged pores, no more
I'm in love with this product! Whenever I feel like a pimple is about to form on my skin, this mask is a quick remedy. Somehow it soothes my skin and the acne just cancelled itself (how wonderful right?), also the tub packaging is genius for hygiene reasons. I also love the 'clean smell' and the way it brightens my skin instantly
Veronika | Indonesia
2 years ago
Feels super clean after using this
I use this 1-2x a week and love it! My skin feels a lot cleaner after using this and its also good for breakouts
Kevin | EAST JAVA, Indonesia
2 years ago
Great mask
Feels great when applied to face, and the squeeze tube packaging is very hygienic.