Tea Tree & Lemon Facial Cleanser

Tea Tree & Lemon Facial Cleanser
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Designed to soothe irritated, blemished skin, this soap-free cleanser gently, yet effectively removes dirt and excess oil. A nourishing base of aloe vera juice hydrates, while botanical extracts of tea tree, gotu kola and lemon peel help balance sebum and prevent breakouts. Use twice a day to promote a clearer, calmer complexion.

Key Ingredients:
Tea tree oil is renowned for its acne-fighting properties. Gotu kola is rich in antioxidants that can protect skin against stressors. Lemon oil is high in antiseptic properties.

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Made Devy | Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia
9 months ago
Ampuh untuk kulit berminyak dan berjerawat
Sangat senang dengan produk ini. Jerawat di muka lambat laun berkurang banyak.
Marry | Indonesia
1 years ago
Wajib coba
Facial cleanser terbaik❤️
Mely | Indonesia
2 years ago
Trusted seller
Sekali coba langsung suka banget.. wanginya menyegarkan (ekstrak peppermint),kulit wajah menjadi lebih bersih dari jerawat (ekstrak tea tree) dan wajah lebih sehat tentunya ( ekstrak gotu kola melindungi kulit wajah dari radikal bebas) serta vitamin E melembabkan kulit wajahku.
Ananta | Indonesia
2 years ago
Good product
It is great for acne skin. Tea tree and lemon help for fighting acne naturally and controlling sebum
Intan | Indonesia
2 years ago
The BEST Facial Cleanser for Acne skin
I love this cleanser because its really good in curing my acne. Been struggling with acne for months till I found this one. The texture is thick and not too foamy which is good for skin and doesn't make the skin so dry. Its made of Gotu Kola, which rich in antioxidants.