Violet & Geranium Hand Hydrate

Violet & Geranium Hand Hydrate
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The delightful aroma of fresh flowers permeates this hydrating hand cream formulated to alleviate dry, cracked skin. A rich blend of shea butter, aloe vera juice and nut oils provide essential fatty acids that soothe and moisturize. Hands get extra pampering from antioxidant-rich geranium and violet leaf essential oils.

Key Ingredients :
Shea butter is rich in phytonutrients that assist with improving skin elasticity. Geranium leaf oil can have a calming effect on dry skin. Violet leaf oil acts as a natural antiseptic.

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Richie | DKI Jakarta, Indonesia
2 years ago
Brilliant Hand Cream
One of my go-to hand creams! Been loving this since it was still in the old packaging. This is on the thicker side (which I love), but still absorbs really well without leaving greasiness behind. Scent is on the earthy-herbaceous side and it delivers deep moisture; treats dry hands really well. One of my favorites from the brand.
Sindy | Indonesia
2 years ago
Violet & Geranium Hand Hydrate
Sejak pandemi,penggunaan hand sanitizer yang berlebih bikin kulit tangan cepat kering. Dari beberapa handcream yang aku coba, paling cocok sama produk handcarenya Sensatia. Kali ini aku cobain yang Violet & Geranium Hand Hydrate. Sangat lembut saat diaplikasikan, teksturnya mungkin agak thick tapi pas diaplikasikan sangat nyaman dan melembabkan ❤️