New Normal Starter Kit - Petal & Rind

New Normal Starter Kit - Petal & Rind
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Welcome the ‘new normal’ era with this all-in-one hand care kit that sanitizes and nourishes your hands quickly and efficiently on the go. The kit contains travel-sized bottles of Petal & Rind Hand Wash, Hand Cream and Hydrating Aloe Hand Freshener packed in an attractive reusable pouch. Each product is formulated with all-natural botanicals that purify, moisturize and provide an invigorating citrusy floral aroma.

The products in this kit feature essential oils and plant extracts that are renowned for their skin soothing and protective properties. Aloe juice and shea butter hydrate hands, while orange peel and peppermint oil are naturally antibacterial. Hands are left feeling soft, supple and refreshingly cleansed.

This set contains:
1 x Petal & Rind Hand Wash - 50mL
1 x Petal & Rind Hands Divine - 20mL
1 x Hydrating Aloe Hand Freshener - 50mL

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Annisa Ayu | Central Java, Indonesia
2 years ago
Gift lucu selama pandemi dan setelahnya.
Mini pouch ukuran 15x12 cm berisi hand wash, hand freshener 70% alcohol with aloe juice and Vit.E, plus hand cream. Cuteness overload! Aku belum bisa review aroma karena ini untuk gift, segelnya tidak aku buka. Dengan ingredients orange, pappermint, neroli, shea, grapefruit dan geraniol kebayang kan gimana fresh nya?
Ita Purnama | Indonesia
2 years ago
Small things, big impact
It smells calming yet refreshing. Yang paling utama adalah mampu membuat kulit tangan tetap lembab. Serta mudah dibawa kemana saja tentunya.
Putu Utami | BA, Indonesia
2 years ago
Great for gift idea
Lovely packaging. Comes with some useful products for new normal era. Great for gifts 🥰