Seaweed & Bali Lime Natural Soap

Seaweed & Bali Lime Natural Soap
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With a refreshing aroma like an invigorating ocean breeze, this Seaweed & Bali Lime Natural Soap contains two types of seaweed from fresh tidal pools in Bali and Japan. The combination of seaweed, lime oil, lavender and cucumber seed helps soften rough, dry skin and prevent moisture loss for improved skin elasticity.

Key Ingredients :
Seaweed contains high levels of vitamins and minerals that nourish the skin. Cucumber seed is a good source of Vitamin E and contains essential fatty acids that lock moisture in.

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Agnes | Indonesia
2 years ago
Enak aroma nya
Aromanya enak seger, ini untuk kalo travelling bawa ini enak ga tumpah kaya kalo bawa yg cair