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Bali Cinnamon & Clove Natural Soap

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Breathe in the aromas of the ancient spice trade with this stimulating Bali Cinnamon & Clove Natural Soap. Cinnamon tree bark is ground into a fine powder and blended with a mixture of pure coconut oil, Himalayan cedarwood essential oil and clove buds to create a delightfully warming bar that helps brighten the skin.

Key Ingredients :
Cinnamon and cloves act as natural antiseptics and have astringent properties that can boost dull, ashy skin. Himalayan cedarwood has a soothing effect and can minimize skin irritations.



Ananta | Indonesia
5 months ago
A good soap
Wanginya enak dan dibuat dari bahan yang aman
Faina | Indonesia
5 months ago
Mild and soft
Mild cinnamon flavour and very soft cleansing
Antony | Indonesia
5 months ago
The Best Soap
Sabun Sensatia memang terbaik. Saya sudah membeli puluhan dan kulit saya menjadi halus. Terima kasih Sensatia Botanicals.
Kristina | DKI JAKARTA, Indonesia
5 months ago
The best soap scent!
I put this soap with my clothes for a nice scent. Easy to lather, doesn't dry my skin, and my whole bathroom smells fantastic as well! No SLS, comes in a cute box so it's easy to bring it with you while traveling!
Siti | West Java, Indonesia
5 months ago
Sabun favorit nih harus dicoba
aroma unik dari kayumanis dan efeknya membuat lembut setelah mandi, sukaaaaa banget! Trus wanginya tahan lama, sukaaaa