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Calming Conditioner

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Lightly fragranced with just a touch of soothing jasmine and chamomile, Calming Conditioner strengthens hair and calms the scalp. Essential oils add a glossy sheen without making hair greasy, while burdock root soothes dry, irritated scalp and helps stimulate hair growth. For best results, use after cleansing with Calming Shampoo.

Key Ingredients:
Burdock root helps improve blood circulation and has a calming effect on sensitive skin. Jasmine oil is a natural antiseptic. Horsetail extract can help prevent hair loss and stimulate hair growth.



Anindita | Indonesia
4 months ago
Silicone free conditioner never been this good
Beralih ke silicone free conditioner untuk kesehatan rambut jangka panjang. Conditioner ini melembabkan secara alami, dan tidak terasa berat atau panas di helai rambut karena tanpa silikon. Rasa lembut di rambut pas, bukan rasa silikon yang artifical seperti ada lapisan lilin. Wangi nya lembut dan netral. Cocok untuk satu keluarga
Marini | Indonesia
4 months ago
Best smelling conditioner
This conditioner smells so good and very moisturising.
Kristina | DKI JAKARTA, Indonesia
4 months ago
Nice for colored hair!
Doesn't build up on my hair, has a delicate scent of geranium ❤️ works great on colored hair as well as normal hair. If you leave it a bit longer on your hair it will have a mild mask effect. Works even better in a colder climate (if you're traveling :). The bottle lasts for about 4 months (for my shoulder length hair). Would buy again!
Lisa Marcelia | Indonesia
4 months ago
Conditioner terbaik untuk rambut dicat
Conditioner yang cocok banget buat rambut dicat. Bikin lembut, berkilau dan sehat.
Verra | Jawa Barat, Indonesia
4 months ago
Conditioner Untuk Rambut Jadi Halus dan Ringan
Selalu menggunakan conditioner dari Sensatia Botanicals, mau varian apapun selalu cocok. Teksturnya silky dan setelah diaplikasikan rambut langsung lembut dan ringan.