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Welcome to Sensatia Botanicals.

From the heart of the island of Bali’s farming province comes Sensatia Botanicals. A company dedicated to its fine, natural products, local people, and rich culture. We believe in growing together as a community, thus, we are very proud to be a local, profit sharing co-operation.

Sensatia’s natural, organic products are always made by hand from the finest raw materials known to the botanical world. We take pride in ONLY developing & producing 100% safe & natural, wholesome & organic products you feel good giving your family to use. In essence, Sensatia’s products were created by our family for your family.

We hope you find Sensatia’s website, products & company, interesting, informative & entertaining;
& please feel free to e-mail us anytime, with any questions or comments you may have. Until then, from our hands to your hands please enjoy Sensatia Botanicals natural body care products.
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