Sensatia Botanicals Introduces Bath Care Refill Pouches

Jul 22, 2022

Sensatia Botanicals Introduces Bath Care Refill Pouches

Sensatia Botanicals Introduces Bath Care Refill Pouches
Karangasem, Bali, 22 July 2022 – Sensatia Botanicals, known for over 20 years as the innovative company that introduced sustainable natural beauty products, today announced the launch of bath care specifically designed to refill previously used packaging, thereby encourage waste and carbon footprint reduction. The bath care that are available in refill pouches includes Body Wash, Hand Wash, Shampoo and Baby Shampoo & Body Wash.

All products in this collection feature a biodegradable formula, as they are composed of natural ingredients that break down easily into the environment. These products contain zero toxic chemicals that greatly diminish the potential to pollute groundwater making it safe even when rinsed down the drain and ends up in water systems. Sustainable packaging combined with vegan and biodegradable formulas are part of our actions to reduce our carbon footprint.

Packaged in recyclable plastic, these innovative refill pouches are available in 11 different products including:
• Balancing Body Wash Refill – 500mL
• Balancing Shampoo Refill – 500mL
• Calming Body Wash Refill – 500mL
• Calming Shampoo Refill – 500mL
• Hydrating Body Wash Refill – 500mL
• Hydrating Shampoo Refill – 500mL
• Nurturing Body Wash Refill – 500mL
• Nurturing Shampoo Refill – 500mL
• Petal & Rind Hand Wash Refill – 500mL
• Violet & Geranium Hand Wash Refill – 500mL
• Baby Nourishing Shampoo & Body Wash Refill – 500mL

The ingredients used in our formulas are carefully selected through strict protocols to ensure quality and sustainability. The formulas do their job effectively with soothing plant extracts that are safe for sensitive skin.

“Our line of bath products has been loved by many customers as they feature biodegradable formula that is great for their skin and will not harm the environment.” said Michael Lorenti Jr., Managing Director of Sensatia Botanicals. “Addressing requests from eco-conscious customers, we’re thrilled to provide this sustainable alternative where they can reuse their containers and reduce their carbon footprint.”

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About Sensatia Botanicals
Since 2000, Sensatia Botanicals is an Indonesian beauty care brand dedicated to offer naturally effective products. It has been granted GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Certification under the ASEAN Cosmetic Directive and Halal Certification by the Ministry of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia. Sensatia Botanicals is committed to minimize its environmental footprint while continuously empowers local community by hiring residents of Karangasem, an area where the brand was founded, resulting with over 70% of the total employees. Made in Bali, with globally sourced ingredients, all Sensatia Botanicals products are cruelty-free, free of parabens, palm oil, synthetic dyes and artificial fragrances. For more information, please visit