Supporting Ground Coffee Waste Management Sensatia Botanicals Collaborates With Tanamera Coffee

May 25, 2023

Supporting Ground Coffee Waste Management, Sensatia Botanicals Collaborates with Tanamera Coffee

Supporting Ground Coffee Waste Management,  Sensatia Botanicals Collaborates with Tanamera Coffee
Bali, 25 May 2023 – Focusing on sustainability practices, Sensatia Botanicals, a cosmetic company based in Bali, collaborates with Tanamera Coffee to introduce a body scrub with natural ingredients. By using waste coffee ground as the key ingredient, these two brands work together to launch the Sensatia Botanicals Tanamera Coffee Body Scrub, officially released today.

Indonesia is known as one of the world's largest coffee producers. This is further evidenced by the increase in Indonesia's coffee production by around 1.1% in 2022 compared to the previous year (YoY) (source: Indonesian Central Statistics Agency). With the increasing coffee production, it is inevitable that there is also an increase in unused waste.

"Driven by the initiative to reduce waste, this collaboration has resulted in a high-quality skincare product. Not only rich in benefits for maintaining skin health, this collaborative product is also environmentally friendly with the use of repurposed coffee grounds as natural ingredients in the scrub," said Michael R. Lorenti Jr., CEO and Founder of Sensatia Botanicals.

As a company that produces coffee beans from around Indonesia, Founder and CEO Tanamera Coffee, Dini Aryani Criddle, emphasizes that this collaboration aims to help reduce the impact of ground coffee waste to the environment.

"Collaborating with Sensatia Botanicals has brought forth an idea that combines the utilization of waste coffee grounds as one of the main ingredients in creating the Coffee Body Scrub. By making use of the byproduct from our coffee production process, this product represents an extraordinary sustainability project!" added Dini.

Sensatia Botanicals Tanamera Coffee Body Scrub is made from carefully selected natural ingredients, such as pure Arabica coffee grounds that have undergone recycling processes and thorough testings to ensure the hygiene of the raw materials. Enriched with papaya extract, jicama extract, and shea butter, the combination of these natural ingredients helps exfoliate dead skin cells and provide the necessary nourishment to the skin. With the right formulation, this product is a safe and effective body scrub that can be enjoyed by consumers.

Priced at IDR 130,000, Sensatia Botanicals Tanamera Coffee Body Scrub is available at all Sensatia Botanicals and Tanamera Coffee stores, official website, and various online marketplaces.

About Sensatia Botanicals
Since 2000, Sensatia Botanicals is an Indonesian beauty care brand dedicated to offering naturally effective products. It has been granted GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Certification under the ASEAN Cosmetic Directive and Halal Certification by the Ministry of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia.

Sensatia Botanicals is committed to minimize its environmental footprint while continuously empowering the local community by hiring residents of Karangasem, an area where the brand was founded, resulting with over 70% of the total employees. Made in Bali, with globally sourced ingredients, all Sensatia Botanicals products are cruelty-free, free of parabens, palm oil, synthetic dyes and artificial fragrances.

About Tanamera Coffee
Tanamera Coffee's journey began with a dream: to make Indonesia famous for its specialty coffee.

Our mission has always been to bring you the very best coffee that our archipelago can offer. From the full-bodied, intense and complex blends to the smooth, sweet and fruity aromas of our beans we approach roasting with creativity and expertise to demonstrate how exciting and different Indonesian coffee can be.

Tanamera Coffee has won more than 50 international awards, including 'Champion International Roaster’ for two consecutive years at the Melbourne International Coffee Exhibition (Australia).

We pride ourselves in producing exclusive world-class coffee from the most renowned coffee-growing regions in Indonesia.

With many cafes across south east Asia, a leading online delivery service and MyTanamera membership, we are here for you, the people we work with, and for the future of specialty coffee in Indonesia.

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