Cleopatra's Rose Facial Hydrate

Cleopatra's Rose Facial Hydrate
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Lightweight enough for all skin types, Cleopatra’s Rose Facial Hydrate gets its subtle aroma from the essential oils of rose damask and geranium. Rejuvenating rosehip oil helps to even out skin tone and may have anti-aging benefits. Olive squalane further nourishes and hydrates. Skin is left glowing without feeling greasy.

Key Ingredients:
Vegan-friendly olive squalane is a highly effective emollient that is rich in antioxidants. Rosehip oil encourages healthy skin cell production. Rose damask oil has a toning effect on skin.

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Yuni | Indonesia
10 months ago
Cleopatra's rose facial hydrate
Light sekali tekstur nya....kulit jadi terhidrasi sekali setiap baru bangun...
Nicole | United Kingdom
11 months ago
Favourite face oil
I love this product, I wish it was a larger size
Nurul | Lampung, Indonesia
2 years ago
merah merah akibat masker hilang dalam semalam
pakai hydrate setelah seharian menggunakan masker medis, besok pagi kulit sudah kembali lembut dan kenyal
Rahma | Indonesia
2 years ago
Kulit jadi kenyal dan cerah
Suka bangert sama harum mawarnya dan teksturnya mudah meresap ke kulit, kulit lebih kenyal dan lebih cerah.
Harumi | Indonesia
2 years ago
My favourite item
This is probably my 4th purchase over years. I love this product and I can return the empty bottle to the store.