Sensatia Botanicals

Green Tea & Tamarind Facial Cleanser

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Purifying and pampering, Green Tea & Tamarind Facial Cleanser is formulated with a unique of blend of botanicals rich in vitamins and antioxidants. The soothing base of aloe vera juice is infused with extracts of star fruit, green tea and tamarind to draw out toxins and maintain healthy, glowing skin.

Key Ingredients :
Aloe vera juice is known for its healing properties. Star fruit contains Vitamin C, which promotes healthy skin cell production. Green tea and tamarind are rich in antioxidants that may prevent radical scavenging.



Lusty | Jawa Barat, Indonesia
3 months ago
Bersih yang melembabkan
2 tetes sudah cukup untuk membersihkan muka. Tetap lembab di wajah, bersih tanpa busa berlebih,wajah tidak ketarik. Aku & suami cocok pakai ini
Amira | Indonesia
3 months ago
Calming my dry face skin!
pertama kali sampai, wanginya kayak jamu, tapi lama-lama calming banget♡ baru 2x repurchase tapi akan repurchase lagi karena merasa cocok! Kulit wajah jadi lebih kalem tanpa sensasi ketarik. Bahagia banget akhirnya nemu facial wash alami yang cocok😊
Razan | Indonesia
4 months ago
3 years and still counting
I've been using this cleanser since 3 years ago and i will be still repurchased it. It is a very good cleanser for combination skin, i leave my skin very clean, soft, without making it dry.
Intan | Indonesia
4 months ago
Must Try!!
If you guys who has combination skin, you need to try this. The smell of tamarind is so fresh and calming the skin. It is not so foamy and really comfortable to use. The packaging is made of plastic so it is not easily cracked and it's safe to bring for travel. Very recommended.
Natalia | Indonesia
4 months ago
Relaxing and gentle face wash
I've re-purchased this several times. It suits my acne-prone skin. It's very gentle and smells relaxing. I mostly use it for my morning routine. Leaves my skin soft and supple.