Aloe & Cucumber Facial Mist

Aloe & Cucumber Facial Mist
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Give skin an instant surge of moisture with this refreshing facial mist. Gentle enough for all skin types including sensitive skin, the lightweight formula contains cucumber and aloe leaf to hydrate and soothe irritated skin. Skin is left feeling cool, calm and re-energized.

Key Ingredients:
Aloe extract has anti-inflammatory properties. Sodium hyaluronate helps skin retain moisture. Cucumber seed can assist with balancing sebum levels and provides a cooling sensation.

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Hervidha Fara Adhy | DI YOGYAKARTA, Indonesia
2 months ago
Face mistnya bikin refreshing
Face mist nya bener2 bikin fresh di muka, apalagi KL abis outdoor activity aka panas2an, ada efek melembabkan nya, KL muka lagi kering kelamaan di ruangan AC kudu sering2 spray2 face mist ini, seger dingin2 gitu, spray and tap tap.
Nadia | Jawa Timur, Indonesia
6 months ago
Seperti air mentimun bgt. Saat disemprot jadi dingin dan lembab. Tp untuk kulit ekstra kering di ruangan ber AC mungkin harus dipakai sering
Nastya | United Arab Emirates
1 years ago
So good product, i use it very often
Olga | Kharkivska oblast, Ukraine
1 years ago
I love it, like almost all products of this brand.
Very useful on summer period. For cucumber lovers, very light and moisturizing.
Antony | Indonesia
2 years ago
I Like It
It is very hydrating with a very mild but gorgeous smell. Absolutely recommended!