Relaxation Sea Salt Scrub

Relaxation Sea Salt Scrub
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Good for your skin and the environment, this soothing body scrub will leave skin feeling soft and supple. The all-natural ingredients include organic Balinese sea salt to exfoliate, shea butter to moisturize and lavender essential oil to calm irritated skin. The subtle floral aroma helps put your mind at ease for pure relaxation.

Key Ingredients:
Balinese sea salt is traditionally harvested to retain minerals that exfoliate and aid in removing toxins. Shea butter moisturizes skin and can smooth fine lines. Lavender is a natural stress reliever and is used to help reduce inflammation and prevent infections.

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Dani | Jawa Barat, Indonesia
12 months ago
Menghaluskan kulit
Wanginya Menenangkan
Nadea | Indonesia
12 months ago
Fav scrub!
bulir scrubnya gak terlalu besar dan gak terlalu kecil , pas! Wanginya juga enak!
Ananta | Indonesia
2 years ago
Scrub aman untuk kulit sensitif
Scrubnya halus banget jadi aman untuk kulitku yang sensitif. Setelah pakai ini, kulit jadi bersih dan lebih halus