Relaxation Body Butter

Relaxation Body Butter
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Treat your skin to a soothing elixir of healthy botanicals with this Relaxation Body Butter. Shea butter moisturizes without feeling greasy, while essential oils of lavender and chamomile provide a pleasant herbal aroma that helps relieve stress, balancing the body and mind.

Key Ingredients:
Lavender is known to induce relaxation. Chamomile is renowned for its calming effects. African shea butter is rich in phytonutrients that support smoother, softer skin.

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Annisa Ayu | Central Java, Indonesia
2 years ago
Perfect Texture, Perfect Scent. Must Have!
Light butter, soft satin finish, sangat melembapkan, no greasy. Calming and herb fresh scent dari lavender, citrus dan sereh menjadi lebih lembut dan close to skin beberapa menit setelahnya. Perfectly blended with powdery-musk perfume! Definisi pengen peluk diri sendiri! Terima kasih Tim Sensatia Botanicals udah bikin produk yang lovable.
Hari | Indonesia
2 years ago
Kulit lembab.
Suka dengan wanginya, membuat tenang. Pekat, melembabkan kulit di ruang ber-AC dan di suhu dingin.