Sensatia Botanicals

Calming Body Wash

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Subtly scented with just a hint of jasmine and chamomile, this gentle body wash is deeply soothing. Pure plant extracts provide the skin with antioxidants to calm the skin and help protect against free radical damage. Designed with sensitive skin in mind, the formula leaves skin refreshed, cleansed, and comfortably hydrated.

Key Ingredients:
Calendula extract is a natural moisturizer that may protect against premature aging. Lavender is incredibly soothing for sensitive and irritated skin. Chamomile has anti-inflammatory properties and a calming aroma.



Anindita | Indonesia
9 months ago
The Humblest Body Wash
Sensatia tidak pernah claim body wash nya untuk eczema dan psoriasis, in fact it works! The only local brand body wash that helps my psoriasis skin. Varian calming dengan aroma paling netral cocok untuk satu keluarga. Anakku yang berumur 5 tahun pun pakai untuk menjaga skin barrier yang sehat sejak dini. Also great for feminine area.
Richie | DKI Jakarta, Indonesia
9 months ago
Best Body Wash - An Ultimate Favorite
Been through many bottles for a few years now—an ultimate favorite! It lathers and washes out really nicely; leaving the skin clean, refreshed and comfortable without being drying. Love its beautiful calming; delicate scent. It also helps to calm down redness or inflammation. A staple that I always keep on loving and replenishing. Much love!
Ayu | Sumatera Utara, Indonesia
9 months ago
Cocok dipakai seluruh anggota keluarga
Aroma melati dan chamomile yg segar, cocok dipakai seluruh anggota keluarga termasuk anak2 dan suami
Verra | Jawa Barat, Indonesia
9 months ago
All Calming Variants Are My Essentials
Sejak pakai ini sudah gak pernah ganti-ganti body wash lagi. Wanginya suka, gak bikin iritasi ke kulit badan, isinya banyak.
Verra | Jawa Barat, Indonesia
9 months ago
My Everyday Body Wash
Body wash yang selalu repurchased dan akhirnya jadi barang wajib ada di kamar mandi. Wanginya enak, gak bikin kulit kering, busanya gak berlebihan, dan isinya banyak.