Nurturing Body Lotion

Nurturing Body Lotion
4.8  |  5 REVIEWS

A beautiful botanic blend of starfruit extract, geranium and rose petal oils gives this silky body lotion its signature citrusy-floral scent. The active plant ingredients also provide a powerful dose of vitamins and antioxidants that hydrate, tone and help protect skin against stressors. Use after bathing or whenever you need a skin refresher.

Key Ingredients:
Starfruit is packed with Vitamin A and Vitamin C, both of which are highly beneficial for skin. Geranium contains antibacterial properties. Rose petal oil helps with anti-aging and evening out skin tone.

USD 28.00


TAMAKI | Fukuoka, Japan
3 months ago
Smells good
It's not sticky and the nice scent of the body wash lasts for a long time.
Natalia | Indonesia
2 years ago
light body lotion
I love this body lotion for tropical climate or daytime lotion as it absorbs into the skin easily and doesn't leave a sticky after feeling. It feels light but still nourishing.
Rika | Indonesia
2 years ago
Great smell.. Nice texture... silky feeling after using it
Victor | Indonesia
2 years ago
For tropical weather
Sensatia's body lotion is definitely lightweight. Personally I'd mix the body lotion with the body butter as I prefer more hydration. Maybe in the future Sensatia can have a thicker version of these lotions like a Body Cream.
Dini Meilinda | Jawa Timur, Indonesia
2 years ago
Nurturing Body Lotion
Body lotion favorit. Aromanya menenangkan, bukan wangi yg lebay. Teksturnya tidak cair dan tidak terlalu kental, pas banget. Gampang meresap di kulit. Kulitku yg tadinya kering, semenjak rutin pakai body lotion ini jadi lembab. Terutama bagian siku, udah mulus..