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Kristina | DKI JAKARTA, Indonesia
7 months ago
Morning mood booster ❤️
I love using it because of the magnificent scent. I didn't know I loved lemon so much 💔no breakouts, just perfectly clean after the long day! Pair it with cucumber face mist from the same line. Keeps your skin hydrated and smooth!
Maria Antoinette | Indonesia
7 months ago
Perfect for my dry sensitive skin, smells like lemon pie
I have very dry and sensitive skin, so it’s always a challenge to find the right facial wash. I have been using this for several months and I’m in love. The texture is velvety smooth, doesn’t dry out my skin at all (even during those days when I forgot to put moisturizer), it cleanse your makeup bits, and smells lovely.
Dian | Indonesia
7 months ago
Best match to my skin
Smells oh so good yet so gentle on my super sensitive skin!
Cicilia | Indonesia
7 months ago
Bubbly and creamy
Usually, I am using the tea tree and lemon facial cleanser, and really like that product, but I am also curious about other sensatia product so I tried this one. The smell was pretty similar to the facial cleanser, the difference was on colour and this one is more creamy. If you like cleanser that has more bubble and smell, this one is perfect.
Agnes | Indonesia
7 months ago
Bersih, Melembutkan dan Melembabkan
Wanginya segar dengan tekstur kental seperti cream. Saya hanya perlu menggunakan produk sebanyak biji kacang kedelai dan dapat membersihkan muka saya yang kadang memakai bedak dan produk alis. Setelah memakai produk, kulit terasa lebih lembut, bersih dan lembab tidak terasa keset.