Hydrating Aloe Hand Freshener

Hydrating Aloe Hand Freshener
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Purify hands while on the go with this all-natural hand cleanser. The alcohol-based formula contains antibacterial ingredients and aloe vera juice to help eliminate germs and moisturize skin. Grapefruit essential oil gives it an uplifting citrusy scent. Unlike harsh chemical hand sanitizers, this hand freshener works to nourish the skin as it cleanses.

Key Ingredients:
Aloe juice is a natural hydrator that is known to have a calming effect on the skin. Grapefruit essential oil is rich in antioxidants and contains antibacterial properties. Vitamin E moisturizes and provides additional antioxidants to help protect skin against stressors.



Nyoman Riela | Indonesia
1 years ago
sejauh ini merupakan anti bacterial sanitizer terbaik, wangi nya pas tidak berlebihan, handy yang ukuran travel size enak dibawa kemana-mana, tekstur nya juga tidak terlalu cair, tidak terlalu kental.
Richie | DKI Jakarta, Indonesia
2 years ago
What I Look For in a Hand Sanitizer - Best One So Far
This has become my only hand-sanitizing companion that I choose to have and constantly repurchase throughout the pandemic. It embodies what I look for in a hand sanitizer. I have not experienced any dryness in the past two years with this due to its hydrating base. Also the lively citrus scent that keeps the hands fresh throughout the day!
Antony | Indonesia
2 years ago
Membunuh Kuman Sekaligus Melembabkan
Hand sanitiser terbaik yang pernah saya pakai.
Luh Ena | Indonesia
2 years ago
Berfungsi sebagai antibakteri..menyegarkan kulit tangan sekaligus melembabkan. Sangat cocok untuk kulit sensitifku. Must item saat berpergian.
Gel dengan kandungan alkohol+aloevera
Veronika | Indonesia
2 years ago
Definitely my favorite!
The smell is super fresh! It’s not sticky and feels very gentle on the skin. Had many people asking whenever I give them some because of the smell and how fresh it feels on the hands. Not to mention the cute packaging..