Seaside Citrus Shea Butter Soap

Seaside Citrus Shea Butter Soap
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It doesn’t get much richer than this Seaside Citrus Shea Butter Soap formulated with premium African shea butter for a luxurious, skin-softening lather. Lavender, rosemary and white grapefruit essential oils purify and protect skin, while providing an invigorating scent that brings to mind an exotic tropical island setting.

Key Ingredients :
Shea butter contains natural latex that can help smooth and soften fine lines and cellulite. Rosemary may protect against free radicals. White grapefruit is a potential antioxidant and has an uplifting aroma.

USD 9.00


Naflah | DKI Jakarta, Indonesia
1 years ago
Seger Abis!
nyaman dan lembab di kulit. ga bikin kering sama sekali. baunya juga menenangkan saat dipake
Antony | Indonesia
1 years ago
First Encounter and Am in Love
Knew this brand when I was in Bali and tried to buy its natural soap bar. I was in love! It made my skin soft, clean, and relaxing.