Relaxation Shea Butter Soap

Relaxation Shea Butter Soap
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Soothing for both the body and mind, this buttery soap gets its creamy composition from pure, unrefined shea butter. The nourishing formula also contains a herbal-sweet botanical blend of marjoram, mandarin and chamomile essential oils, which gently cleanse skin of impurities and help calm skin irritations.

Key Ingredients :
Shea butter is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins that contribute to healthy, glowing skin. Marjoram and chamomile are often used to alleviate stress, soothe skin and promote relaxation.



Luh Ena | Indonesia
2 years ago
Varian soap bar favorit!! Membersihkan sekaligus melembabkan kulit...sangat cocok di kulit sensitifku. Love it!!
Sabun batang beraroma menenangkan, tekstur agak creamy saat digunakan