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Javanese Lemongrass & Lime Body Wash

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Perfect for those days when you need an invigorating boost, this purifying body wash boasts the bright, citrusy aromas of lemongrass, limes, and oranges. The tropical ingredients are grown in the volcanic valleys of Java where the fertile soil and warm climate help produce abundant harvests. Bursting with freshness, the all-natural botanicals will leave skin soft, supple, and delightfully scented.

Key Ingredients:
Lemongrass is a natural cleanser that can have a toning effect on skin. Lime and orange are both high in antioxidants to help protect against environmental stressors. Starfruit is rich in flavonoids that have anti-inflammatory properties to help alleviate skin irritations.



Kristina | DKI JAKARTA, Indonesia
9 months ago
Fresh morning gel 💔
Strong lemongrass scent that makes your morning routine so relaxing! The texture is a bit runny but you won't notice it if you keep it in the original bottle. Keeps your skin hydrated because it doesn't have SLS 😍 lathers well and lingers on skin. My favorite!
Ahmad | Jawa Timur, Indonesia
9 months ago
Best Body Wash.
Variant produk baru ini dari Sensatia Botanicals dapat menyegarkan kulit, menenangkan pikiran dan setelah memakai produk ini kulit tidak terasa kering seperti body wash diluaran sana. Suka banget sama aromanya. <3 <3
Sarbini mochamad | Indonesia
9 months ago
Produk baru yang menggoda
Ini wanginya senada dengan Body butter lemongrass mandarin. Paling enak pakai sabun ini saat badan lelah, wanginya menenangkan dan buat kembali segar.