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Javanese Lemongrass & Lime Body Lotion

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Give skin a quick moisture boost as you uplift the mood with this silky body lotion featuring extracts of orange, lime, and herbaceous lemongrass. The natural botanicals are sourced on the island of Java where thriving orchards and fields border emerald green rice paddies. Rich in nutrients and invigorating aromas, the formula will leave skin feeling energized and refreshed.

Key Ingredients:
Lemongrass has antibacterial properties and an aroma that repels insects. Bengkoang root extract contains minerals and nutrients that help protect skin from stressors. Pandan is a natural deodorizer that fights body odor. Lime is rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C.



Siti | West Java, Indonesia
7 months ago
Love it!
Lotion kedua favorit selain seri Hydrating, memang lembut dan halus buat kulitku yang cenderung kering. Plus wanginya itu segar, jadi memang harus ada di meja kerja, bisa dipakai kapanpun
Luh Ena | Indonesia
7 months ago
Sangat melembabkan tanpa membuat kesan lengket. Perpaduan aroma lemongrass dan lime membuat relaks sekaligus segar
Tekstur seperti lotion pada umumnya
Shanna Budihardjo | Indonesia
7 months ago
Smells Good
Been eyeing on this for awhile. Smells so good, soft, and no greasy. Smart mix between lemongrass and lime. Definitely the best body lotion
Harris | Indonesia
7 months ago
Powerful lemongrass in a bottle
The Javanese lemongrass aroma is quite prominent which thats what i was looking for. Really lifts up the mood instantly! Great on skin and a very nice and sturdy bottle.
Rufina | Indonesia
7 months ago
the best
jatuh cinta ama aromanya. khasiatnya,,,, ga diragukan!