Sensatia Botanicals

Natural Toothpaste Mini Collection

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Keep teeth clean and sparkling on the go with this Natural Toothpaste Mini Collection that includes three different flavors of all-natural toothpastes. The fluoride-free formulas include mineral-rich bases and botanical ingredients that clean teeth, fight bacteria and promote healthy gums. Flavors include Cinna-mint, Charcoal-mint, and Herbal Blend Natural Toothpaste.

The gift set features three 40-gram tubes of toothpaste that are conveniently sized to fit into any toiletry bag or travel bag. They can also be taken on the plane in a carry-on bag for a quick refresher during your flight.



Paoela | Riau, Indonesia
5 months ago
Pas ukurannya
Beli ini karena mau coba dlu variannya sebelum beli yang kemasan besar. Tapi ternyata emang pas banget ukuran ini untuk dibawa jalan-jalan. Setelah di coba, saya paling suka varian cinna-mint