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Balinese Jasmine & Cananga Body Lotion

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Formulated with fragrant flowers from the island of Bali, this soothing body lotion has an ambrosial aroma. Jasmine, hibiscus, and cananga grow in abundance on the island and have been used in traditional Balinese beauty and skincare rituals for centuries. The oil extracted from the soft petals creates a luscious texture that glides on smooth and absorbs quickly for deep hydration.

Key Ingredietns:
Jasmine helps skin retain moisture and maintain better elasticity. Cananga can balance oil production and stimulate the production of new cells. Calendula and hibiscus flowers are high in antioxidants that can support a healthy complexion.



Ananta | Indonesia
9 months ago
Calming Body Lotion
Super love sama wanginya bener-bener menenangkan. Kulit jadi halus, lembab, dan lebih cerah.
Kristina | DKI JAKARTA, Indonesia
9 months ago
Everyday lotion you'll love!
I'm obsessed with jasmine so I immediately got it for myself. Rich texture that dries in a minute without any traces on clothes. Great for after sun skincare, as well as everyday use. Big bottle lasts long, and the tint preserves it well. My favorite scent from this collection!
Sapitri | Jawa barat, Indonesia
9 months ago
Pertama beli varian ini, wanginya enak banget, jadi ngedadak serasa lagi di bali kalau pakai lotionnya... Kulit juga lebih lembab dan halus... suka banget...