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bergamot essential oil

100% pure essential oil

Botanical name - citrus bergamia - Italy

Description of plant - A small evergreen tree growing to about 15 feet (4.5m). The pear shaped fruit ripens from green to yellow, rather like mini oranges in appearance. Like other citrus trees, bergamot is native to Asia but is cultivated in many other parts of the world. Most of the world's supply of Bergamot Oil is produced in Southern Italy.

Nature of the oil - A pale yellow or greenish liquid. Bergamot oil's aroma is sparklingly-citrus with a hint of spice. Bergamot's odour effect is uplifting and refreshing.

Aromatherapeutic uses - Colds & flu, fever, infectious illness, anxiety, depression, pre-menstrual syndrome, nervous exhaustion and other stress-related disorders.

Blends well with - Geranium, Grapefruit, Lavender, Lemon Myrtle, Lime, Patchouli, Petitgrain, Rosemary, Sage, Tea tree, Ylang Ylang and most citrus and herb essences.

Medica Natura - Uplifting Oil Burner Blend
Bergamot ----- 10 drops - Lavender ----- 7 drops - Geranium ----- 3 drops
Drip the above oil combination into a clean oil burner dish or other aromatherapy diffuser. If using traditional oil burner be sure to fill dish up with distilled or pure spring water. Be sure never to leave oil burner unattended and be sure to fill periodically with water, never letting the oil burner burn dry. Be sure to see your Essential oil diffuser manufacturer's complete information and warnings. Enjoy.

ADDITIONAL INTERESTING RANTS & RAVES: A beautiful, happy oil that brings a smile to my face everytime I smell it. I always gets the vision of these handsome trees with their branches, like arms in a “V” pointed up to the heavens. Absorbing all the fresh air & sunshine the slopes of the mediteranean can offer. Bergamot essential oil really is like sunshine in a bottle, get some, you will know what I mean.

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