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соли с цветами и специямиароматизированные соли
detoxifyingenergizinginspirationмедитациярелаксацияunrefined organic
bath: sea salt basics, detoxifying  
detoxifying sea salt basics

Invigorating, stimulating & refreshing to help detox.

Sensatia Botanicals Bath Salts feature pure, unrefined, organic sea salt from Bali's pristine, still-rugged east coast. It is through a traditional harvesting method by which the minerals & vitality of this organic treasure is preserved. These minerals penetrate the skin, strengthen the immune system and detoxify the body.

Detoxifying Sea Salt Basics includes a powdered "bath bomb" mixture of baking soda (to soothe and neutralize itchy skin) corn starch (to absorb perspiration) citric acid (for its antioxidant properties) French clay (to draw out toxins) and African Shea butter (to protect, moisturize and increase skin's elasticity.)

Sensatia's detoxifying blend is a fresh, citrusy, campherous combination of grapefruit, cajeput, juniperberry & cedarleaf essential oils, specifically chosen for their effective detoxification effect. It helps refresh the mind, relieves anxiety, is reviving, uplifting & helps disperse negative energy.

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